Free Shipping & Courtesy Partial Refund (CPR)

Courtesy Partial Refund CPR RC City

RC-CITY.US 2017 - 2018

What is Free Shipping.

All our US customers automatically get Free Standard Shipping ( 2 - 3 weeks) .

What is a Courtesy Partial Refund (CPR)?

While we work very hard to ensure that all orders arrive in a timely manner (2 weeks) this is not always the case and some of our deliveries arrive late. Especially as we aim to continue our free shipping option.

CASH back on all late deliveries as a Courtesy. (US customers only)

If an order is placed and the customer/you have not received the package by day 20, you will earn a Minimum of $10.00 usd or 10% of Order Value. Whatever is greater value.

If your order has not been delivered by day 30 of the purchase date, You/Customer will earn a $10.00 Courtesy or 10% of the order value (which ever is of greater value).

How does this work?


You will receive a order confirmation email like this below: From this date of purchase; the delivery time begins.




If your order has not arrived by day 20. You earn $10.00 or 10% of value order value of $6.20

We select the higher value, so this customer will earn $10.00 CPR.

When do I receive the payout? 

Customers will be issued Courtesy Partial Refund 1 to 3 Days, After Delivery Confirmation! 

What happens if I don't receive my package at all?

For an order that never arrived or was never delivered, customer gets full refund.

I don't want the product but I accepted the Courtesy Refund, what happens now?

Not a big deal. Simply ship the un-used product for a (Full refund - Courtesy Refund).



So, in the above example our customer paid $62.00.
He or She received the Courtesy refund of $10.00.
When the package gets delivered to us, we will refund the remaining $52.00



Thank you for supporting us
RC CITY US 2017-2018


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