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RC Construction Toy Trucks

The Best RC Construction Toy Trucks for Kids


The RC Construction Toys are loved by Kids and Adults. Great for the beach, backyards, and cool summer days. Great outdoor activity for kids with good imaginations and lots of energy!
RC City Construction Toys are Excellent Quality Remote Control Construction Trucks Models for outdoors or indoors that kids love. All of our Remote Control Trucks come Fully Assembled.
We have some of the coolest models, including the High Performance RC Metal Bulldozer, RC Forklift, RC Semi-Trucks, RC Backhoe, RC Caterpillar Trucks, RC Farm Tractors and RC Excavator.
Amazing Construction and Engineering Truck Toys for all ages!



Old McFrank Remote Control Farm Tractor

$73.00 $126.99
SAVE 43%

RC 583 Hydraulic Big Size RC Frontend Loader/ RC Bulldozer...

$220.00 $399.99
SAVE 45%

RC Metal Construction Bulldozer

$57.00 $96.99
SAVE 41%

Metal RGT Excavator RC

$136.00 $227.99
SAVE 40%

Self Discharging 573 Hydraulic Remote Control Dump Truck

$150.00 $200.00
SAVE 25%

Hauler Remote Controlled Tractor Trailer Truck

$55.00 $91.99
SAVE 40%

Alloy 15 Channel RC Excavator

$89.00 $149.99
SAVE 41%

Push Play Alloy BackHoe Bulldozer

$24.00 $41.99
SAVE 43%

Construction 1577 Hydraulic RC Forklift

Sold Out $253.99
SAVE 47%

580 Durable Big Hydraulic Excavator

Sold Out $599.99
SAVE 17%

15 CH 1510 RC RTR Excavator

Sold Out $119.00
SAVE 46%

Mercedes RC Worktrucks

$89.00 $148.99
SAVE 40%

RC Tipper Dump Truck Toy Tipper - Alloy Remote Control...

$80.00 $134.99
SAVE 41%

Remote Controlled Tractor Construction Toy

$30.00 $50.99
SAVE 41%

1: 35 Alloy Slide Toy Tractor Toys

Sold Out $84.99
SAVE 48%